Some Proposed In-house Workshop Outlines 

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 All the following workshops are for 2 hours duration. For more info email

Workshop 1

Roles & Responsibilities of the Board and Key Elements of the Mauritius Code of Corporate Governance

• Corporate Governance
• Role of the Board
• Companies Act
• Code of Corporate Governance
• Role of the Chairman, CEO and Company Secretary

Workshop 2

Overview of the Latest Trends and Best Practices for Directors

• CG framework
• OECD 5 key elements
• Board composition, diversity and succession planning
• Managing conflicts of interest and related party transactions
• Handling disagreements and building consensus
• Director induction, training and development
• Strategy and stakeholder engagement
• Risk management 
• CG assessments
• Sustainability
• IT governance
• Remuneration
• Reporting - transparency and disclosure
• Measuring effectiveness (Key Performance Indicators)

Workshop 3

Overview of the Bank of Mauritius Corporate Governance Guideline

• Different ownership structures of banks
• Independence of directors
• Fit & Proper Test
• Risk Management & Control Procedures
• Board v/s Management Reporting & Accountability
• Corporate Governance & Financial Regime Governance 
• Challenges

Workshop 4

Board Performance and Evaluation

• Why Board Evaluation?
• Measuring organisational performance
• Inducting new directors
• Appraisal Process and Methodologies – Directors, Boards and Committees\

Workshop 5

An Ethics Guide for Boards

• What do Business Ethics mean?
• Why should Boards care about an Ethical Work Culture?
• Developing an Ethical Work Culture
• Identifying areas of Ethics Risks and Opportunities
• Ethics Strategy and Management
• Dealing with Ethical Dilemmas and making Ethical Decisions
• Current Examples of Corporate Best Practice
• Model Code of Conduct for Directors

Other Workshops

Full Day Strategic Scenario Planning workshop with Clem Sunter

• Strategic planning session to examine the future of your actual business, based on The Mind of a Fox corporate strategic planning methodology and using the conversation model described on Click here for more info

  • Context- Scope
  • Rules of the Game-Players
  • Key Uncertainties-Scenarios
  • SWOT
  • Options – Decisions
  • Meaning of Winning
  • Create scenarios for each event and select the red flags
  • Decide on probability
  • Decide on key actions and preventative measures

Full Day Risk Prevention, Crisis Management and Business Continuity Planning workshop with Bert van Walbeek

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  • The essence of risk mitigation and crisis management
  • The 4 phases of crisis management
  • Establishing potential risks for the organisation
  • Media and Information Management
  • Reputation Management

 Other workshops include the Leadership Programme with TomorrowToday

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