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The MIoD offers the perfect platform to reach decision-makers in organisations throughout Mauritius with exposure to the MIoD’s membership base of over 1,200 decision-makers including directors, executives, business leaders and young professionals widely representative of commerce, industry, government and the business professions. Our membership spans the full spectrum of business, from the largest public companies to the smallest private enterprises and continue to grow each year. 62% of our members are directors from both the private and public sector. So, ensure greater awareness of your brand, products and services through our website.

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Preferred Suppliers


 ELIA-Ecological Living In Action is a company based in Mauritius and operating in the Indian Ocean, Eastern and Southern Africa, and Arab States. ELIA carries out consultancy, training, research and project development for sustainable development, ecological literacy and corporate sustainability. Among others, ELIA’s  corporate sustainability services cover sustainability reporting using the GRI framework, visioning and strategic action-planning for sustainability using multi-stakeholder engagement and team learning, development and facilitation of corporate sustainability courses, and development and application of sustainability tools and methodologies.

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PRO meeting is an application that allows you to benefit from better automation of meeting procedures, a secure system with information isolation, automatic data synchronization, better collaboration and traceability for more efficient meetings and a tool accessible anywhere in online or offline mode. With PRO meeting, users have better visibility and can manage their meetings and post-meetings exchanges efficiently, effectively and without the use of paper!

Today, more and more companies are seeking to optimize their procedures in order to facilitate their day-to-day work in order to save time and be efficient. The return on investment is real; companies are gaining in terms of performance thanks to these tools.

AGILEUM supports companies towards digital governance; this new form of management is constantly evolving and adapting to the realities of the market. It’s reinforced by the installation of data management tools, information sharing, collaboration, performance measurement, etc. Our PRO meeting application is part of it, but we also have mobile staff presence management applications, mobile inventory management, fixed asset management, etc.

Digital governance is an asset for businesses, improves engagement and collaboration among members and strengthens the legitimacy of decision-makers, makes better decisions, and encourages business development and performance.

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