Welcome to the Integrity Pledge Project!

Corruption is considered as one of the biggest constraints to the development of the private sector in many countries.

This is why the Mauritius Institute of Directors and its partners, the Independent Commission against Corruption, Business Mauritius, Transparency Mauritius and private sector stakeholders, are convinced that the private sector has a key role to play in the fight against corruption in Mauritius.

The Integrity Pledge Project (IPP) is a private sector-led voluntary initiative that stems from the above mentioned collaboration.

The initiative is supported by a Self-Evaluation Tool (SET), which will assist Mauritian companies in assessing and measuring their anti-corruption measures and reducing areas of risk, in compliance with international best practices.

Companies that successfully pass the SET will become members of the Integrity Pledge Project and will sign the Integrity Pledge. The Integrity Pledge is a declaration of their intent, setting the ethical tone, demonstrating the directors’ duty of care and giving a clear statement of the organisation’s position on ethics, integrity and corruption.

By signing the Integrity Pledge, companies are making a public commitment to combat corruption within the organisation.

We invite all private sector companies to apply to be part of the Integrity Pledge Project, and make a commitment towards the fight against corruption.


The history of the Integrity Pledge Project

The initiative stems from an agreement between the above-mentioned parties that there should be a private sector-led collective action to combat corruption in Mauritius. As a result, the Private Sector Anti-Corruption Task Force (PACT) was set up, led by the MIoD and Business Mauritius. The mission of PACT is to promote a culture of integrity, fairness and transparency among private sector entities in Mauritius through the adoption of an Integrity Pledge and the practice of fundamental ethical principles.

PACT’s first task was therefore to develop an Integrity Pledge for the private sector and define the business case for why companies should adopt the Integrity Pledge.

The Integrity Pledge Project is co-funded by the MIoD and the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), a US-based funding organisation that supports private enterprise and market-oriented reform.

The Integrity Pledge Project was inspired from a similar initiative launched by the Institute of Directors, Thailand.


Joining the Integrity Pledge Project

1. To join the Integrity Pledge Project, companies first need to fill out the application form available on this webpage, and pay an application fee. Once they have completed the application form, they should send it back to the MIoD on ipp@miod.mu

2. Once the application form is reviewed and approved by the Integrity Pledge Committee (composed of MIoD, Business Mauritius and Transparency Mauritius), companies are given the Self-Evaluation Tool to fill out. The SET has 36 questions and companies will have four months to complete the questionnaire and provide supporting documents. The completed SET and documents should be submitted to the MIoD on a flash drive. Companies will have to pay a process fee for the review of the SET.

3. The completed SETs and supporting documents will also be reviewed by the Integrity Pledge Committee and companies will be assigned a score based on their responses to the questionnaire. Companies need to score a minimum of 50% to be able to move forward and sign the Integrity Pledge.

4. Companies that have been successfully admitted to the IPP will be required to sign the Integrity Pledge. Their logos will be displayed on the project webpage and they may use the Integrity Pledge logo on their website and in their annual reports. Membership to the Integrity Pledge Project will be valid for three years. Companies will have to pay an annual membership fee.


A trust-based initiative

It is important to understand that trust is the basis of this initiative and while reviewing the results of the SET, the Integrity Pledge Project is validating a process and not the results. Hence, the IPP is not guaranteeing that a company is corruption free, rather it is validating that companies have put in place clear policies to counter the risk of acts of corruption.

Therefore, neither the IPC nor the MIoD accepts liability for the accuracy, completeness or fitness for purpose of the information provided by the companies in the SET.

The information contained in the SET will remain confidential and will not be distributed and/or disclosed to any third party.

The applicant is not allowed to share the incomplete/ completed SET with any third party.


Key documents

Application Form for the Integrity Pledge Project

User Guidelines

For more information, please send an email on ipp@miod.mu