"Leading in Changing Times"

In-house workshops with TomorrowToday


Learn about the leadership skills needed to survive and thrive in today's and tomorrow's business world!

This Leadership Programme uses a simple, but valuable framework for making sense of the changing world of work, and the requirements for organisational development. It identifies four inter-related factors that are affecting the way in which leaders lead and operate, and which companies must master in order to be effective in the constantly changing world of the 21st century.

There are 5 leadership modules and you can choose one module or all 5 modules or any combination. 

1. Changing World
Tides of Change 
2. Changing Work Place
Invitational Leadership in a Changing World
3. Changing Work Force
Personal Growth – Leading Different Personalities and Generations
4. Changing Customer
Customer Experience the Digital Way
5. Changing Strategy
Rethinking Strategy: Critical Thinking and Innovation

TomorrowToday has been in operation for over 10 years and specializes in delivering strategic insights, packaged in the form of presentations, workshops and leadership development programs. They have offices in South Africa, UK and Asia (Hong Kong) with a highly skilled team that has an exceptional depth of knowledge and breadth of international experience, working with clients in over 25 countries around the world.


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