In-house training opportunities with

Clem Sunter, expert in scenario planning

Clem Sunter


“ Just wanted to drop you a note to say that Clem was fantastic…not a word I use very often.”


“What a privilege to have had him for the day and to listen to his approach.”

“I can only add that he was outstanding as per my expectations. Keep us in the loop for his future visits into Mauritius.”


These are some of the many compliments that Clem Sunter has received from CEOs who have participated in his past workshops.

Clem is an expert in corporate strategic planning and methodologies for looking at the future and he will be back later this year.

So if you are interested in running an in-house workshop with Clem, you can book one of the following:

  • A two hour presentation on the 21st Century megatrends and the latest global economic scenarios, flags and probabilities together with the best responses to them;

Price : Rs 80,000

  • A half-day workshop outlining the corporate strategic planning methodology based on The Mind of a Fox as well as a description of the conversation model that can be used by executive teams to discuss the future of their business;

Price : Rs 115,000

  • A full-day facilitation of a strategic planning session to examine the future of your actual business, based on The Mind of a Fox corporate strategic planning methodology and using the conversation model described on

Price : Rs 150,000

Half day and full day workshops can be MQA registered to ensure an HRDC refund providing sufficient notice is given (usually 21 days). These workshops can also count towards CPD points


For more details on this and other workshops, please see our website