In-house training opportunities

on Risk Prevention,Crisis Management and Business Continuity

 with Bert van Walbeek,Master of Disaster

Bert van Walbeek

Expect the unexpected and plan before a crisis arises

Bert “Bow-Thai” van Walbeek has been an Hotelier for 45 years and Marketer of Tourism for 35 years, a Motivator and a Master of Disaster since 25 years and a lecturer for 15 years.

 If you would like to run an in-house workshop with Bert, you can book one of the following:

  • A two hour awareness session

          Price : Rs 80,000

  • A half-day workshop to review current Crisis Management Plans

           Price : Rs 99,600

  • A full-day Risk Prevention and Recovery Management Workshop

           Price: Rs 180,000

  • A two day Risk Prevention and Recovery Management Workshop with full simulation exercises

            Price: Rs 300,000

Dates are available on a request basis.

Half day and Full day workshops can be MQA registered to ensure an HRDC refund providing sufficient notice is given (usually 21 days). These workshops can also count towards CPD points