Ethics Officer Certification

The MIoD is the only organisation currently certifying individuals as Ethics Officers in Mauritius under the aegis of the Ethics Institute of South Africa.

The Ethics Officer Certification Programme includes a five-day training programme where the participants are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to become an Ethics Officer. After the training programme, participants have 90 days to successfully complete a practicum in order to become Certified Ethics Officers.

The programme will prepare you for:

  • Identifying the need for the company’s ethics management programme;
  • Setting up an ethics office;
  • Assessing ethics-related risks and vulnerabilities;
  • Developing ethics statements, codes of ethics and other ethics policies;
  • Developing and implementing ethics management tools, processes and strategies, including whistle-blowing;
  • Communicating critical ethics data;
  • Implementing and managing an ethics infrastructure;
  • Developing an ethics training strategy;
  • Understanding the role of ethics in corporate governance;
  • Understanding ethics concepts and developing ethical reasoning skills; and
  • Dealing with ethics-related enquiries.

Since the MIoD started running these programmes in 2011, over 30 participants have attended these workshops.

The following participants have successfully completed their practicum and are Certified Ethics Officers:

Andersen Kim Gopee Jayshree Dhamayantee
Aveleira Sandra Cristina Ferreira Kaidoo Anwar
Bappoo-Huneewoth Reena Anjali Khoymil Goburdhun
Casaleggio Adv Carlo  Kissoondharry Sanjana
Day-Hookoomsing Patricia Norah Tse Pen Ki Marc 
Decotter Philippe Olivier Valls Jane