Reciprocal Arrangements 

Institutes of Directors having similar objectives and programmes as those of the MIoD are in existence in various countries around the world. Membership of the MIoD does not always confer reciprocity with any other Institute and vice versa. However, the MIoD has developed reciprocal links with some other Institutes and is working at increasing these ties.

The list of Institutes with whom we currently have reciprocal arrangements are listed below and this means that when you are travelling you can join in events and network with local Directors in these countries. It is best to ensure you have a letter from the MIoD before you depart or to carry your MIoD Membership Card.

Asian Centre for Corporate Governance and Sustainability

Australian Institute of Company Directors

Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance  

Egyptian Institute of Directors

Institute of Corporate Governance Ethiopia

Institute of Corporate Governance of Tunisia

Institute of Corporate Governance of Uganda

Institute of Directors Kenya

Institute of Directors in Malawi

Institut Marocain des Administrateurs

Institute of Directors Mozambique

Institute of Directors Nigeria

Institute of Directors Southern Africa

Institute of Directors in Tanzania

Institute of Directors of Zambia

Institute of Directors Zimbabwe  

Institut Français des Administrateurs 

The Hong Kong Institute of Directors

The Singapore Institute of Directors