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I hereby apply for membership of the MIoD and agree to be bound by its Constitution, the membership rules and regulations, as well as the Code of Conduct. I undertake to settle all subscriptions and other dues within 30 days of receipt of an MIoD invoice and I agree to pay a non-refundable membership application fee * please see below for more details.

I understand that I will be advised in due course if my application has been successful and of my membership category. I agree that my data may be used by the MIoD to send me, by post or by email, any publications made available to the members of the MIoD including regular newsletters and updates on events and activities as well as for administrative purposes such as membership renewal reminders.

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If I am accepted as a Member or a Fellow of the Institute, I understand that my name will automatically be added to the Directors’ Register, but that my membership data will not be divulged to 3rd parties without my permission.

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I also understand that if my membership application is successful, the MIoD reserves the right to publish my name on the Members List on the MIoD website.

I accept these conditions

* The non-refundable membership application fee costs Rs 1000.