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The MIoD uses the IFC’s Corporate Governance Board Leadership Training programme and all our Corporate Governance trainers have been trained by the Global Corporate Governance Forum.The Board Leadership Training programme builds capacity of trainers who, in turn, train board directors and corporate executives.

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The MIoD has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ethics Institute of South Africa (EthicsSA) in October 2010. The objective is to encourage research, corporate training and greater awareness of business ethics, as well as sharing ethics resources and endeavouring to build ethics capacity.

Having an ethical culture is an important component to running an effective business today. In fact, with the current state of legal and industry regulations, not only is having an ethical culture a good idea, it is now practically a requirement. So an ethical culture should be a top priority of every business, large or small. The challenge for many organizations is trying to understand what it takes to build one. From an enforceable code of conduct, to on-going training and communications, to an anonymous reporting hotline, companies can quickly implement ethics and compliance programs and solutions that foster an ethical culture across the enterprise. The benefits and pay back are less fraud, less risk, less litigation and safer, happier employees. And happy employees make happy customers, which will have an obvious impact on the bottom line.

The MIoD runs various training workshops under the aegis of EthicsSA including:

  • Leading an Ethical Work Culture -one day workshop designed to understand the ethical issues in the work place and best practices for dealing with them
  • Ethics Management and Corruption Prevention - one day workshop aimed at providing delegates with the knowledge and skills to develop and implement an Ethics Management strategy and framework in their organisation. 
  • Ethics Officer Certification Programme - 5 day workshop including full certification.

EthicsSA is a non-profit company andpublic benefit organisation incorporated in 1999, governed by a board consisting of prominent individuals in the private and public sectors as well as academia.

 The mission of EthicsSA is "building an ethical South Africa" and their core activities are:

  • Ethics advocacy;
  • Ethics education and training; and
  • Ethics advisory services.

EthicsSA's work covers a wide spectrum of ethical issues raised by individual and collective human action, with a special focus on organisational ethics (including business ethics) and bioethics (medical ethics).

 EthicsSA's organisational ethics activities are consistent with the King 3 Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa (2009) which recommends that business and other organisations:

  • Assess their ethical risks;
  • Set ethical standards (Codes of Ethics and ethics policies);
  • Integrate those standards into the organisation's structures and practices (ethics communication: ethics education and training; reporting unethical conduct, whistle-blowing hotlines); and
  • Monitor and report on these interventions.

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The MIoD introduced a Leadership Programme in collaboration with TomorrowToday recently, which focuses on the leadership skills needed to survive and thrive in today’s world which are  very different from those of a generation ago. 

TomorrowToday has been in operation for over 10 years and specializes in delivering strategic insights, packaged in the form of presentations, workshops and leadership development programs. They have offices in South Africa, UK and Asia (Hong Kong) with a highly skilled team that has an exceptional depth of knowledge and breadth of international experience, working with clients in over 25 countries around the world. 

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ELIA - Ecological Living In Action

ELIA-Ecological Living In Action Ltd provides consultancy, coaching, research, and training services in corporate sustainability, sustainability reporting, ecological footprint analysis, climate change, carbon accounting and finance, education for sustainability, energy futures, transformational leadership, and personal and institutional learning & development for sustainability. ELIA also develops sustainability indicators for development planning and, with our partners, system dynamics modeling for integrated development planning. ELIA operates in Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, Eastern and Southern Africa, and Arab States.

ELIA and MIoD signed a MOU in March 2014 to combine their commitment and expertise to promote corporate sustainability and sustainability reporting in Mauritius.

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EARTHwise Centre

EARTHwise Centre is a wisdom-based enterprise providing custodianship, leadership, value-creation, regenerative design, capacity development, holistic education, and vision development for our collective flourishing and actualisation. We support organisations to raise their standards, and develop internal capacity and leadership for value creation and thriveability. Our targeted training and executive coaching programs are designed to unlock and align the human development potentials within & between organisations. This also includes tools and strategies for revitalising the Heart of the Organisation.

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