Welcome to the Initiative for Gender Diversity in Leadership conference!

This conference is part of a wider initiative created by the Mauritius Institute of Directors to examine issues affecting the lack of gender diversity in leadership positions in Mauritian companies.

As a middle-income country that has the ambition of becoming a high-income nation, Mauritius would greatly benefit from increased innovation, which in turn creates sustained economic growth. Gender diversity in leadership is an important aspect of this innovation.

Research across the world has shown that there is a clear business case for gender diversity in leadership. By giving both men and women equal chances to reach leadership positions, companies benefit from a broader perspective, are better able to understand their customers and stakeholders and to benefit from fresh perspectives, new ideas, and broader experience.

The conference brings together the President of the Republic, ambassadors from some of the world’s major economies, and representatives from the public and private sectors to discuss the possible causes behind the lack of gender diversity and options for long-term sustainable solutions.

This conference will be the starting point for the creation of working groups that will, over the coming year, focus on concrete solutions to the factors that may hinder gender diversity in leadership.

If you would like more information on the project, or if your organisation would like to join the Initiative, call the MIoD on 4681015.


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