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Decoding Digital: A guide for Business Leaders (no coding required)
Directors Skills Training
25 April 2018, 08:30 - 1630
Venue: Hennessy Park Hotel
CPD Points: 7
Price (Members of Founder Organisations): Rs 12,000
Price (Members of Patron Organisations): Rs 12,750
Price (Members): Rs 13,500
Price (Non-Members): Rs 15,000
This workshop is a 1-day highly interactive session combining discussions, activity-based exercises and practical hands-on experiences that demystify digital technology for C-Suite and Board Directors.
At the end of the session, participants will be able to:
- Learn key insights about leading-edge digital technologies from Singapore and Silicon Valley team
- Experience behind the scenes with Mobile App development
- Understand applications of technologies to your business
- Understand the real costs of technology innovation
- Learn how to make Innovation cost-effective and how to evaluate trade-offs
Min Lee
Natacha Emilien
Guest Speakers:
Alam Kasenally
Who Should Attend?:
Board Directors and C-Suite
In collaboration with:
Red Dot


Legal Insights: Equal Opportunities for Private Sector Employers
08 May 2018, 09:00 - 1300
Venue: Voila Hotel. Bagatelle
CPD Points: 4
Price (Members of Founder Organisations): 7,600
Price (Members of Patron Organisations): 8,000
Price (Members): 8,500
Price (Non-Members): 9,800
It is a Training Seminar and Interactive Dialogue Workshop designed for prime movers in the Private Sector. It aims at providing Private Sector Employers with a deep and thorough knowledge of Equal Opportunities in Mauritius both from a legal standpoint and a practical implementation angle. The aim is to provide a Useful and Practical Tool to Private Sector Directors, Senior Managers, Managers and Heads of Department. All legal aspects are supported by numerous case studies in order to favour more efficient implementation in practice. The course is delivered by Mr. Brian N J Glover, a barrister of 25 years standing at the Mauritian Bar and the first Chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission of Mauritius from April 2012 to April 2016. Mr Glover has conducted seminars on the subject-matter both at national and international levels.
• Better understand and master the practical implementation of equal opportunity principles at the work place
• Implement equality of opportunity and non-discrimination rules and regulations in the work place
• Implement an Equal Opportunity Policy at the work place in compliance with the mandatory requirements of the law
• Help their organizations at efficiently achieving the status of Equal Opportunity Employers
• Further strengthen good governance within their organizations
Brian N J Glover
Guest Speakers:
Who Should Attend?:
Directors, Senior Managers, Managers and Heads of Department
In collaboration with: