Women Directors Forum

The MIoD, in collaboration with Blast Communications Ltd, set up the Women Directors Forum in January 2016. The official launch was held on Thursday 14 January 2016 in the presence of the Minister of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare, the Hon (Mrs) Marie-Aurore Marie-Joyce Perraud.

The purpose of the WDF is to push for more women on boards and at leadership levels in private and public organisations in the Republic of Mauritius.


The WDF is a platform to:

  • promote the present situation regarding gender diversity on boards and at leadership levels in Mauritius
  • propose and implement measures for gender diversity on boards,
  • identify and tackle the challenges and obstacles for women becoming directors in Mauritius, and
  • provide/recommend solutions to address those challenges and obstacles.

The WDF has a two-tier structure composed of (1) the plenary group composed of all the members and (2) the working groups which are responsible for specific aspects of the work of the WDF.

The three working groups are:

  1. Awareness Raising - responsible for identifying and organising suitable means of raising awareness and further promoting the increased participation of women on boards and at leadership levels
  2. Media - responsible for designing and organising appropriate dissemination of information through the media, including television, radio, internet and printed press.  
  3. Support - responsible for identifying appropriate means of support for current and aspiring women directors and leaders to enable them to fully assume their leadership role, including coaching and mentoring of women who aspire to become directors and leaders.

Members of the Women Directors Forum are:

Catherine Ahnee Christine Marot
Susanne Alfs  Catherine McIlraith
Aisha Allee Justine  Page
Vimi Appadoo Caroline Piat
Ackbaree Aumerally Aruna Radhakeesoon
Priscilla Balgobin Anita Ramgutty Wong
Nousrath Bhugeloo Anne Rogers
Heba Capdevila-Jangeerkhan Rubina Ruhee 
Francoise  Chan Jacqueline Sauzier
Hindi Chen Lekha Seebaluck
Virginie Corneillet Aisha Timol
Patricia Day-Hookoomsing Sheila Ujoodha
Sophie Desvaux de Marigny Karen  van der Wath 
Audrey d'Hotman Natalie  Venis 
Usha Dwarka Jennifer Wong
Danielle Lagesse Margaret Wong
Linda Mamet Christiane Yeung