The Directors Forum

The Directors Forum, which is sponsored by PwC has been set up to act as an advisory council and technical committee to the MIoD. Its objectives are to:

  • identify issues which are of most concern to directors
  • produce position documents and, through consultation with Government and regulators, contribute to policy development
  • be the voice for governance and directors’ issues in Mauritius
  • develop guidance on governance issues for directors.


Click here to read the Terms of Reference of the Directors Forum.


The Directors Forum has published 3 papers to date. (Click below to download). These 3 publications are:


The Members of the Directors Forum this year are:

Jean Paul de Chazal (Chairperson)

Matthew Lamport

Georges Leung Shing

Catherine McIlraith

Richard Arlove

Giandev Moteea

Aisha Timol

Bhagwansing Girish Dabeesing

Prabha Chinien

Sanjiv Bhasin

Aruna Radhakeesoon

Rajanah Dhaliah

George Dumbell

Neemalen Gopal

Michael Ho Wan Kau

Geeanduth Gopee

Eddy Jolicoeur

Aroona Jagurnath

Linda Mamet

Joseph Tournel

Nafeeza Mulung



The Directors Forum is sponsored by: Pwc