Audit Committee Forum (ACF)

The Mauritius Audit Committee Forum was set up by the MIoD, in collaboration with KPMG, in June 2013. Its objective is to help Audit Committees in Mauritius, in both the public and the private sectors, to improve their effectiveness as an essential component of good Corporate Governance.

The ACF provides information, resources, and knowledge-sharing opportunities — through a variety of interactions, surveys, and publications — to help audit committee members and their boards enhance the effectiveness and integrity of the financial reporting process.

The Forum consists of a Working Group which is composed of highly respected audit committee chairpersons/members and professionals from the public and the private sector. It aims to meet at least every quarter or as often as required.

This group acts as a technical resource or sounding board for current issues relevant to audit committees. Information relating to governance, risk management, auditing, accounting and financial reporting, current issues, future changes and international developments are researched, discussed and debated by the Working Group to prepare formal topical position papers and alerts.

The Working Group also facilitates interactive Roundtable forums. The Roundtables are designed exclusively for audit committee members, non-executive Directors and executive Directors who rely on audit committees, as well as other participants in the financial reporting process.

These events will explore:

  • Critical issues affecting audit committee oversight
  • Ways to effectively leverage lessons learned
  • Challenges of providing effective oversight

The members of the Audit Committee Forum are:

Sheila Ujoodha (Chairperson)

Nesmah Ebrahim

Fabrice Koenig 

Pierre Dinan

Georges Leung Shing

Sanjay Molaye

Bharatee Gooroochurn

Sumita Mooroogen

Eddy Jolicoeur

Varsha Bishundat

John Chung

Christine Ng

 Mervyn Kee Mew

Feriel Aumeerally

Madhavi Ramdin Clark

Kemraj Reetun

Maurice Enouf

Nafeeza Mulung

Antoine King



The Audit Committee Forum has published 6 position papers. (Click below to download the documents). 

The four publications are:

*Due to the size of the document, you may get your copy via email by sending an email to

The ACF is sponsored by: KPMG