In-house training opportunities for Clem Sunter, expert in scenario planning.

Clem is an expert in corporate strategic planning and methodologies for looking at the future and he will be back in Mauritius in June 2015.        

Clem Sunter               


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Corporate Sustainability

With Anneloes Smitsman & Bruneau Woomed

 Date :  7 May 2015

Location: Hennessy Park Hotel

More and more the key aspects of Corporate Sustainability are gaining the attention of the board room, not only because of the risk factors inherent in ignoring the latest trends, but also because Corporate Sustainability can drive business value, including cost reductions, risk mitigation, revenue generation, innovation and employee development and retention. Increasingly a company’s ability to manage its extra-financial aspects - social, environmental and governance (ESG) – is being seen as a leading indicator of its overall management quality and a determinant of its financial performance. In a competitive market, businesses can derive a range of benefits from the sound management of their Corporate Sustainability such as reputational advantages and license to operate, as well as the long term viability of their company. 

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"Leading in Changing Times"

In-house workshops with TomorrowToday



This Leadership Programme uses a simple, but valuable framework for making sense of the changing world of work, and the requirements for organisational development. It identifies four inter-related factors that are affecting the way in which leaders lead and operate, and which companies must master in order to be effective in the constantly changing world of the 21st century.

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Director's Register


The Directors’ Register of the MIoD consists of a pool of directors and senior executives from cross sections of industries and professions which enables companies to recruit suitable independent directors for their board and for MIoD Members and Fellows to promote themselves as potential independent director to sit on the boards of other organisations. Being listed on the Register is exclusive to MIoD Fellows and Members and is free of charge. 

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Corporate Services

Spectrum of Services

If you need information or independent advice from a specialist, the Mauritius Institute of Directors offers extensive and exclusive confidential support. Services range from Board Appraisals, Corporate Governance Assessments, Directors' Searches , Code of Conduct Development and Reviews, Ethics Risk Management to In-House Training.


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The Mauritius Institute of Directors (MloD) is geared to provide business leaders with the knowledge and tools that they need to run a successful operation using the best corporate governance practices to guide them.

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