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Launch of the Position Paper 8 of the Audit Committee Forum 

The Audit Committee Forum (ACF), a collaborative set up by MIoD and KPMG Mauritius has launched the ACF Position Paper 8: Guidelines for the Audit Committee on Data Protection. Click here to access and download.



Publication No.5 of the Directors Forum

The Directors Forum (DF), a joint initiative of the Mauritius Institute of Directors and PwC has launched the DF Publication 5 on: "COVID-19: Key considerations for Directors". Click here to access and download.



Direction - MIoD's Newsletter

Keep up to date with our latest news and information about our forums and councils, read our corporate newsletter.


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Director Development Programme 

Take the next step in your professional governance development


The Director Development Programme is a prestigious programme that positions participants at the heart of the learning process, assisting existing Directors, aspiring Directors, Managers and Leaders to strengthen and master governance practices with innovative tools and resources.

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Launch of the DF Position Paper 4 - Board Evaluation

In collaboration with PwC, the Mauritius Institute of Directors is pleased to introduce the Position Paper 4, produced by the Directors Forum, which focuses on Board Evaluation. Thanks to Seamus Gillen for his valuable and inspirational speech during the event.




Launch of the ACF Position Paper 7

In collaboration with KPMG, the Mauritius Institute of Directors is thrilled to introduce the Position Paper 7, produced by the Audit Committee Forum, which focuses on the Audit Committee's Guidelines for the Evaluation of the Retirement Obligations. A special thanks to Bernard Yen for his contribution.









Download our Annual Report 2020 here



Join the Integrity Pledge Project!



The Integrity Pledge Project is a private sector-led initiative developed by the Mauritius Institute of Directors (MIoD), in partnership with the Independent Commission Against Corruption, Business Mauritius, Transparency Mauritius and other private sector partners, to fight corruption in private companies.

The project is supported by a Self-Evaluation Tool (SET), a questionnaire that companies can use to assess their anti-corruption measures, in line with international best practices.

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Interested in our Director's Register?

The Directors’ Register of the MIoD consists of a pool of directors and senior executives from cross sections of industries and professions which enables companies to recruit suitable independent directors for their board and for MIoD Members and Fellows to promote themselves as potential independent director to sit on the boards of other organisations. Being listed on the Register is exclusive to MIoD Fellows and Members and is free of charge. 

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Sign up for Membership today!

The Mauritius Institute of Directors (MloD) is geared to provide business leaders with the knowledge and tools that they need to run a successful operation using the best corporate governance practices to guide them.

As a business professional, you have the option of joining the MIoD as a member, and benefitting from participation in our events, trainings and networking opportunities.

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Member of the African Corporate Governance Network

The African Corporate Governance Network is made up of Institutes of Directors and similar organisations working to support corporate governance and ethics in Africa. It is present in 16 African countries and represents over 16,000 directors and senior executives throughout the African continent.