The new Code of Corporate Governance for Mauritius (2016)

The new Code of Corporate Governance for Mauritius has been published on the National Corporate Governance Committee website at The code comprises a set of principles and guidance aimed at improving and guiding the governance practices of organisations within Mauritius. It forms part of a larger body of existing laws, rules, regulations, principles and best practices that include:

  • Laws of Mauritius (e.g., the Companies Act, 2001)
  • Regulations
  • Listing rules (e.g., the Listing Rules for the Stock Exchange of Mauritius)
  • Standards, guidelines and codes of best practice (e.g., the Bank of Mauritius Guidelines)
  • Corporate rules and provisions (e.g., bylaws)
  • Formal documents within an organisation (e.g., board charters)

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Best Practice Guidance for Audit Committees - Risk Management & Internal Control

Date : 5 May 2016

Time: 08.30 - 12.30

Location: Hennessy Park Hotel

Risk manifests itself in a range of ways and may have a positive and/or negative outcome for the entity. It is vital that those responsible for the stewardship and management of an entity are aware of the best methods for identifying and subsequently managing such risk.

A Company is, in the ordinary course of business, exposed to several types of risk, some of which may have serious adverse consequences. Consequently, it is advisable to ensure that the risks are fully understood and controlled in a sustained and comprehensive manner.

The Board is responsible for not only determining the risks that the Company is willing and able to take to achieve its strategic objectives but also ensuring that all the risks are properly identified, evaluated and managed.

The focus of this workshop is geared towards companies with no separate Risk Management Committees, i.e., those in which the Audit Committee also assumes the responsibilities of the business risk. The Audit Committee’s role is thus expanded from its normal outlook into the Company’s historical financial performance, abiding by the existing compliance and control requirements, to a broader consideration of future performance and risk.

This workshop will cover specifically the Audit Committee’s role in control and management of risk.



Integrated Annual Report 2014-15



The Mauritius Institute of Directors’ (“MIoD”) reports annually in line with the Companies Act 2001 and this Annual Integrated Report for the year ended 30 June 2015 has been prepared using the Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI”) G4 guidelines. Click below to read our latest Annual Report and related documents. 


Annual Report 2014-15

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Director's Register


The Directors’ Register of the MIoD consists of a pool of directors and senior executives from cross sections of industries and professions which enables companies to recruit suitable independent directors for their board and for MIoD Members and Fellows to promote themselves as potential independent director to sit on the boards of other organisations. Being listed on the Register is exclusive to MIoD Fellows and Members and is free of charge. 

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