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As per the terms of the Constitution of the Mauritius Institute of Directors (‘MIoD’), all Directors, with the exception of the Chief Executive Officer, are due to retire at the forthcoming Annual Members Meeting on 24 September 2015 for which notice will be issued in due course.


Following an assessment carried out by the Nomination and Membership Committee and in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the MIoD, there is one (1) vacancy to be filled on the Board. Please refer to the paragraph below which provides more information on the Board of the MIoD and the 2015 Nomination Process.


The Nomination and Membership Committee has reviewed the skills, competences and experience required to enable the Board to function efficiently as well as the profile of the directors eligible for re-election. Their contribution to board and committee meetings were also considered. Details of current board members standing for re-election are provided below.


As regards to the above mentioned vacancy on the Board, the Committee has recommended that candidates with a good knowledge of corporate governance and strategic vision should be considered. Preference may be given to nominations from the insurance, IT, agriculture/cane industry, textile, tourism, commerce or banking and/or public sector.


Members of the MIOD are invited to submit nominations for appointment to the Board using the Nomination Form below.


The last date for receipt of nominations is 17 July 2015.


By order of the Board


Company Secretary


26 June 2015


Click here to download the Nomination Form


About the MIoD Board of Directors and the 2015 Nomination Process


The Constitution of the MIoD provides that:

1. the Board of the MIoD shall constitute of not less than five and not more than twelve Directors who, save for the Chief Executive Officer, shall be elected annually at the annual meeting of the Institute by ordinary resolution;


 2. no person shall be eligible for election as a Director, unless he is a Member which shall exclude Retired Members; and


 3. save for the Chief Executive Officer, every other Director shall be eligible for reappointment for a maximum of five consecutive years.


Pursuant to the review by the Nomination and Membership Committee, the Board has recommended that the following directors be considered for re-election at the annual meeting:


  1. Heba Capdevila Jangeerkhan
  2. Patricia Day-Hookoomsing
  3. Olivier Decotter
  4. Bryan Gujjalu
  5. Ravin Lama
  6. Ben Lim
  7. Jean Pierre Lim Kong
  8. Catherine McIlraith
  9. Tahen Kumar Servansingh
  10. Sidharth Sharma


The biographical details of the above mentioned Directors are available for consultation on the website of the MIoD (


The Board of the MIoD meets usually six times a year and directors are also expected to serve on the four committees of the MIoD each of which usually meets three to four times a year.


Kindly consult the website of the MIoD for more details on the said committees.


26 June 2015




Legal Insights - Competition Law

with Iqbal Rajahbalee, BLC Chambers

Date :  23 July 2015

Location: Hennessy Park Hotel, Ebony 2

It is very important for directors and senior managers to understand their duties regarding elements of the Competition Law. The importance of competition in an increasingly innovative and globalised economy is clear. Vigorous competition between firms is the lifeblood of strong and effective markets. Competition helps consumers to obtain the best value. It encourages firms to innovate by reducing slack, putting downward pressure on costs and providing incentives for the efficient organisation of production. As such, competition is a central driver for productivity growth in the economy. However there are rules that need to be observed. This workshop will give an overview of the Competition Law and its importance, anti-competitive agreements and monopoly situations as well as the different current COMESA Competition regulations.



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"Leading in Changing Times"

In-house workshops with TomorrowToday



This Leadership Programme uses a simple, but valuable framework for making sense of the changing world of work, and the requirements for organisational development. It identifies four inter-related factors that are affecting the way in which leaders lead and operate, and which companies must master in order to be effective in the constantly changing world of the 21st century.

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Director's Register


The Directors’ Register of the MIoD consists of a pool of directors and senior executives from cross sections of industries and professions which enables companies to recruit suitable independent directors for their board and for MIoD Members and Fellows to promote themselves as potential independent director to sit on the boards of other organisations. Being listed on the Register is exclusive to MIoD Fellows and Members and is free of charge. 

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If you need information or independent advice from a specialist, the Mauritius Institute of Directors offers extensive and exclusive confidential support. Services range from Board Appraisals, Corporate Governance Assessments, Directors' Searches , Code of Conduct Development and Reviews, Ethics Risk Management to In-House Training.


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